The Difference Between Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO

If the title of this post doesn’t sound very original to you – that’s because it’s not. There are many posts about this topic. But I am still surprised on a daily basis by the ignorance with which the differences between these different areas of online marketing are met by various people… even members of the online marketing community.

So I decided to write my own post about this. And here we go.

Let’s make one thing very clear right from the start: Social Media Marketing does not equal Content Marketing and Content Marketing does not equal SEO.

If you think that: Online Marketing and even anything related to online business is simply not for you. The reason why I decided to write this post is that there are too many so called marketers running around in our industry that not only mix these up – they are mixing these up on purpose.

Their purpose is to rip off those who don’t know about the differences between these areas and sell one-stop solutions to victims that don’t know better. If this post can prevent even one of these sales from happening I have achieved my goal.

Yes, these three areas are related but no, they are not the same!

Let’s start with Social Media Marketing…

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