5 Tips To Content Marketing You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Tips To Content Marketing You Don't Want to Miss

1. Find out what works

Go back to your previous content and search which areas of your site generated the most traffic. Which pages were the most viewed and what search queries prompted users to dive onto that page. You can do this by using tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Knowing what has worked in the past will help you develop new content with those characteristics in mind. Check out which content gave you the most “shares” or “likes” on a page through your social media advertising/blogging by utilizing services that embed sharing buttons with tracking information. You may also find it helpful to see what has worked for other business websites, small or big.

2. Content Recycling

Its not easy to create new content all the time, so why not use your content to its fullest potential? It’s a waste to use it only once. Increase the value of your content by redistributing it through a variety of channels and therefore targeting a larger amount and variety of consumers. For example, you may post it as a video on Youtube, and then add mini clip of the video to your blog post, add it to a website, or even tweet snippets of the video. Now that’s how you stretch out your content through various channels, thereby increasing its potential views, and reaching further out.

3. Whats Trending

Social media has the ability to provide you with loads of information helpful for establishing your next content. Browse media such as Twitter and Facebook, that provide you with topics that are trending recently. These topics are the things that people are actively seeking and you have the ability to provide. For a more local view of trending topics, you can download Trendsmap, which provides a more intimate view of trending news overlaid on a map.

4. Use Visuals

Offering your audience with visual imagery is far more appealing to the human reader than text alone. Not to undermine the value of text-based content. It is easier and faster to relay information across to your audience with visual images as 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual. In addition, content that utilizes imagery get 94% more views than those without. Some ideas may include using infographics or bold photos with text on top.

5. Survey

Surveys are the road to your readers mind. By developing a simple survey, you are able to distinguish what your audience is looking for and what they like. Use your survey to improve your website, improve your product, or get feedback of what your audience would like to see more or less of. There are many products available online to help create and conduct surveys (ie. SurveyMonkey Audience).

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