An open letter to CIOs about open, hybrid cloud technology and the blended environment!

Open Technology hybid cloud letterRemember when the topic of open technology made many people in the industry uncomfortable? At IBM, we foresaw how critical open technology would become to our clients and the industry, and therefore embraced it. It was and remains essential.

Now we’re at the forefront of another disruption: a transition to cloud in the form of blended technology and environments, most commonly known as hybrid. Hybrid takes on many forms: traditional, non-cloud to cloud (public or private); private cloud to public cloud; private cloud to private cloud, or public cloud to public cloud.

As an industry researcher, I talk with a lot of CIOs. They are peers who have been in your shoes, and I’m certain if you asked, they would say they can empathize with you. You sit in the middle, sandwiched between the requirements of the business (they expect you to accelerate innovation) and the needs of IT (they need fast and good). The two can seem pretty oppositional at times.

But they don’t have to be. It is possible to transform business without sacrificing speed or security. With the right technology, you can connect workloads to get at powerful data, the data that will spark insights and allow you to disrupt before you become disrupted.

We recently completed a study of 500 IT decision makers who have implemented hybrid environments. Their research indicates that the frontrunners, the ones seeing more competitive advantages, are doing so thanks to the correct mix of blended, next-generation technology. In fact, nine in 10 of them said hybrid cloud gives them greater ROI than either an all-traditional or all-cloud environment.

Two-thirds of organizations that blend traditional and cloud infrastructures are already gaining advantage from their hybrid environments.

This doesn’t surprise me. It confirms what we knew all along: cloud isn’t a destination, it’s a platform for innovation and an enabler for change. Consider these survey stats:

  • Successful organizations are five times more likely to use hybrid cloud for cognitive computing initiatives
  • 85 percent of IT leaders report that hybrid cloud is accelerating digital transformation in their organization.

From an industry standpoint, I have seen the greatest innovation and change occur when CIOs see and embrace technology shifts. That’s true with cloud: a blended environment – an open, hybrid cloud – will deliver the outcomes your business expects and let you drive disruption. Here’s another supporting stat:

  • 85 percent of leading organizations believe open technologies are essential for hybrid portability and interoperability

I encourage you to take the time and read the study to find out how your peers are making use of hybrid cloud as an enabler of digital change and competitive advantage.

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